How to Price Your Packages like the EXPERT You Are!

Starting a new business as a Social Media Media Manager or Virtual Assistant but not sure how to price the your services and packages?

This free guide from Coach Mel will show you the basics of how to price your services.

Do you feel nervous about pricing because you don't want to undercharge but don't want to scare potential clients either?

Are you just starting out and feeling overwhelmed with the process of deciding what to charge and what services to offer?  

Who knew pricing would be so hard, right?  

I hear you...  

And I COMPLETELY understand because I was exactly where you are.    

When I was starting out on my Social Media journey, I was very confused and met with a lot of limiting beliefs that stood in my way.  

That is what led me to make this guide.  I know that offers, pricing and packages are a HUGE stumbling block.  Especially when you're new or trying to re-analyze your offers.  You feel like you don't want to charge to HIGH and scare off potential clients.   I know, been there and I get it! 

So get a step in the right direction! Grab your FREE GUIDE and Price it Right!